Magic Mouse & Zoom
  • Hey folks,

    Anyone using an Apple Magic Mouse on Mac OS X with Audulus? I can't work out how to zoom.

    I've checked the docs, been through system preferences, tried all the key mouse gesture combinations I can think of...

    The only thing that kinda works is the smart zoom, but it either goes too far in or out.

    Any help much appreciated.
  • @Baddcr, sorry about that! I have a magic mouse around somewhere but can't seem to find it. I'll look more this afternoon.

    Does panning work with the magic mouse?

    - Taylor
  • Cheers Taylor.

    Yes, the panning is fine!

    I've recently started using my mac with a display and it's 'kind of' a big deal, no panic, but a hint or a fix would be great :)

    I joined to post this, so I should also say hello and congrats on a stunning app - it's awesome! Thank you!
  • Thanks! And Welcome!!

    Hopefully I can find the thing soon. Otherwise I'll buy one and fix it.
  • I guess the following zoom gesture didn't work?

    "Hold down the Control key on your keyboard and scroll with one finger on Magic Mouse to enlarge items on your screen."
  • :-D

    I'd read around various sites that your support was excellent!

    Yeah, pretty sure I tried this, and other key/gesture combinations, I will double check though, the Magic Mouse is in the office, I'm home now; I'll be able to check and confirm tomorrow.

    ...but hey, listen, without wanting to be presumptuous, I'm totally cool with this just being one of the things to sort on your list and to be sorted for the next update :)
  • OK, confirmed, holding the control key and scrolling just moves the content around.


  • Hey @Baddcr, I borrowed a Magic Mouse from my brother :)

    I've modified the code so when you hold down the Control key it will zoom instead of pan. :)

    By the way, what apps support the Control-key zoom? It doesn't seem like Safari responds to it (but the double-tap smart-zoom works). Apple mentions the zoom under "Screen zoom" on the following page:

    - Taylor
  • Wicked - that's great - thank you very much :)

    Any idea on update release date?

    I'm not sure to be honest, I can't think of any I use it with; just checked and it doesn't work with photoshop - have to switch to the zoom tool.
  • @Baddcr, I'm going to submit a new version today or tomorrow. It usually takes Apple a week to review (wish they could do it faster!)

    - Taylor
  • Thank you very much, I know I said it already, but I don't think I've ever experienced such a quick turnaround on a bug fix - great work!!
  • @Baddcr, thanks! I aim to please :)
  • I would like to zoom in Audulus with the Magic Mouse by swiping up and down on it's top surface. It does not seem to do this at the moment.

    This would be consistent with - to zoom use the mouse wheel or two fingers on your trackpad - in the UI Basics.

    Also, even the Control key modifier does not seem to work when using the AudioUnit version of Audulus in Logic.