Development across IOS and MacOS
  • Do I need to purchase the add-ons separately from the App Store and iTunes to use them for patch development? Thanks a bunch! TG
  • Welcome TG!

    Unfortunately, Apple doesn't provide an easy way to share in-app-purchases between Mac and iOS versions of apps, so I'm afraid you'll have to buy the upgrades on each version.

    Sorry about that!
    - Taylor
  • No worries! Just wanted to confirm that I didn't have an issue with my config. As I primarily write to picture, I can see some great possibilities with your app. Thanks for your hard work. With the math module I've figured out how to calc keyboard scaling for filter manipulation. I would also like to include note-on velocity in this calculation. Can you point me to a post that might already address this? I can figure it out but I'm sure somebody has already "been there and done that". Thanks a bunch! TG
  • Sure thing!

    To do note-on velocity, just use the menu on the keyboard node. Switch it to Velocity On. Does that do the trick?

    - Taylor