Plug-in Midi Control
  • It seems that Midi control does not exist yet for running Plug-Ins. There is not even an input node to send MIDI signals to the Plug-IN.

    I am wondering how quickly can you add a function to allow Logic/DAW midi signals to go to the plug-in?

    Just a simple input on the Plug-In's would allow things like Arpegiattors to interact with VSTs. That would at least make the Plug-In's performance ready.

    And the VST's I am using also come pre-programmed to work with a MIDI controller, it simply needs a way to interpret DAW-MIDI. This could easily be achieved by making another MIDI circle that simply says "DAW". This would allow any DAW midi signals to talk to the Plug-in VST's.

    **In summary, what I am hoping to see ASAP is:**

    input on Plug-In's for performance use

    (Raw) DAW midi signals. They would speak to the VST's that have been pre-programmed to work with them. The VST is displaying 100% readiness just like loading it without Audulus.

    **Longer term hope:**

    Audio input from the DAW. Like a true modular system

    **Current Issue:**

    You have to manually mouse click the VST keyboard.

    I am very new to Audulus so if there is someway to at least hook my keyboard up and start jamming with it that would be amazing!!

    One of the MAIN reasons I got Audulus was to avoid purchasing a giant, hard to transport, and expensive modulator (like a Korg MS-20/Eurorack)...

    It seems like it is more than able to replace these dinosaurs, so please grab a red bull and see what you can do :)
  • Audulus can receive MIDI CCs from your DAW. Just right click on a knob and select "Learn MIDI CC" and then send a CC from your DAW :). What Audulus doesn't have yet is parameter automation, which would be a nicer UI than MIDI CCs. MIDI notes are processed into the Keyboard nodes.

    You can also route audio input from the DAW using the Effect version of Audulus. Does that do the trick?

    Instead of manually clicking the Keyboard node (I assume that's what you mean by VST keyboard?), you can just use either music typing in Logic or an external MIDI keyboard. Let me know if you need any help getting it working :)

    - Taylor
  • Yes, please. I cannot seem to get even the Logic musical typing to register. What am I missing?

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  • Sorry, I should have specified that I meant to send MIDI signals to the Plug-In via the Keyboard node.

    The VST inside the Audulus VST. My midi controller is also pre-programmed to operate with my Plug-in VST, perhaps there is also a way to accept all incoming MIDI signals? (And I could de-activate unwanted extraneous sources via the Clicks & Ports)..

    That way I can use the Keyboard node to compose WHILE using Audulus and Touch-Osc. (My ultimate hope).

    Perhaps it is not available this version?
  • Oh, ok. Audulus will route MIDI directly to software instruments inside it, so I'm afraid the keyboard node won't have an effect. It would be good though to be able to have CV/gate control for software instruments! I'll put that on my list. Sorry about that!