Disappearing Thumbnails
  • @Taylor - I mentioned a while back that my Audulus patch thumbnail previews disappear from time to time. I discovered today that an app called BatteryDoctor is probably the cause. It has a function that supposedly cleans out "junk" files, and the stupid thing was deleting my iProphet user presets, so apparently those are "junk" too. Audulus and iProphet seem to be the only apps affected, so I don't know if It's even worth reporting it to the BatteryDoctor developer. I was hoping you might have some advice for me... :) since Arturia and the BatteryDoctor developer don't bother answering support requests.
  • @ZenLizard, thanks for letting me know. For the thumbnails I used a location (the "Caches" directory) which is for data that can be regenerated. I think perhaps I should switch to using the "Application Support" directory, since Audulus can't regenerate the thumbnails without opening every patch. I'll give that a try for the next beta version!

    - Taylor