Audulus / IOS 7 suddenly not working (today) in AudioBus Effects slot!
  • I'm still running IOS 7. I've updated most of my music apps to the IOS 8 compatible version in preparation for loading IOS 8 (all of the new versions still work in IOS 7). Everything is still working fine...except that Audulus will no longer work in the AudioBus Effects output.
    This occurred today. I updated AudioBus several days ago (or more) and Audulus has been working fine in AB. Today, there was another flurry of unrelated music app updates, as well as Chrome, DropBox, and Yelp. It appears that one of today's updates screwed up Audulus's ability to work in the AB Effects slot.
    (I've been holding off on the iOS 8 update, as recommended by AB and others until all conflict and compatibility issues are known and resolved).
  • @BTL, I've updated Audulus to use the latest version of the AudioBus code and tested it. So hopefully everything will be working ok by the next release (which is soon).

    Sorry about that!
    - Taylor
  • Excellent!.....Thanks.
  • @BTL, just sent out a new beta. Let me know if it works :)
  • @Taylor,
    Sorry for my delay in responding here.....looks like the new beta solves the problem.
    Thanks again, as always, for your quick response with a solution to the problem at hand!
  • @BTL, glad that fixed it!

    I should have the new version out fairly soon :)