is there a demo for Mac Pro
  • I was at a site that mentioned Audulus for mac pro, and said there was a demo to try out. I went to iTunes store and there are only the iPad,iPod apps.. I want to use it on my Mac Pro with logic.. Is there a demo version?.. I downloaded the file, but it wants to and can't find the main app in application folder.

    I also couldn't find any way to 'contact' adulus directly (must have missed something)... Thanx
  • Hello?

    Is anybody here.. I'm interested for Audulus for Mac and Logic, but can't find it on iTunes, is there a demo here I could try for MacPro?
  • It will work great on a MacPro. Go to and click on Buy for Mac.
  • @angelonyc, sorry I missed your post!

    Unfortunately, Apple doesn't allow demos on the Mac App Store. If you are dissatisfied with Audulus, just let me know and I'll send you a refund.

    You can also email me using the contact info here:

    All the best
    - Taylor