Signal out problem?
  • Hi Guys

    I'm having all kinds of weird problems to do with getting these 4 wire ups to give a signal on the UI triggers.

    I'm obviously doing something pretty stupid - but, as a complete caveman, it's not obvious to me!

    Any observations greatly welcomed.

    Many thanks.
  • Sorry -

    KICK = C4
    TOM1 = E4
    TOM2 = F4
    TOM3 = G4
  • Hey @JackOats, sorry for the delay!

    I fixed up your patch :). One of the confusing quirks about Audulus is that the output channel numbers don't mean anything in a sub-patch (I noticed you had them set). I'm going to be improving on that.

    You only need a single stereo output for your three sub-patches (I didn't see a TOM3). I mixed all the stereo channels together and then converted them back to two mono channels before sending to the final Left and Right outputs.

    Have a look :)
    - Taylor
  • Hi Taylor

    Thank you so much for having a look at my patch.
    It's very good of you to spend the time.
    I'm just figuring out what you did.

    Couple of questions, if that's O.K?

    Can't quite see why you converted back to two mono channels & outputted them.

    Does that mean Stereo is just two mono signals here?
    I thought Stereo involved some kind of separation between left & right outputs.

    The final appearance of the patch I envisaged as something like the attached file, plus more triggers (cymbals etc).
    Kind of in the nature of a Drum Pad that could be activated with the mouse on the triggers and/or from my Yamaha keyboard.
    A plugin really, I guess, that I could use in REAPER.

    I understand there have to be the outputs but could the other nodes be hidden in the final UI?
  • Actually I think this is the one that I couldn't get a sound out of. (The previous attachment).
    The oscilloscopes indicate a signal but I couldn't figure out why no output.
    Sorry to be a nuisance :(