Uploading a patch.
  • Hi All

    Need a little help with a thing I'm working on.

    But I'm not sure how to upload it to the Forum.

    Any advice much appreciated.

  • Hey @JackOats, I just added some instructions for uploading patches from iOS:


    Does that help?

    - Taylor
  • Hi Taylor

    Sorry - I am really screwing this up!

    Saw the 'Attach a File' as soon as I had written the message.

    Tried in vain to delete it before anybody saw it!

    So I guess it's there for all to see my embarrassment :(

    I'll try again tomorrow.

    (I'm on an iMac, by the way.)
  • @JackOats, I don't even see the patch so no worries :)

    Besides, don't be embarrassed, we're here to help!

    - Taylor
  • O.K. So, last night I had a (very basic) patch that I'd wired up - a kick drum sound - I guess a mono signal through 2 outputs. It was working O.K.

    I inserted a 'Mono to Stereo' node in the pathway which caused one signal to disappear. (I could only hear the drum sound through the left earphone).

    I removed the M to S node & connected up as before - but the problem remained.

    I went to bed frustrated!

    This morning I checked out the patch & all was well again - 2 mono signals outputting through my earphones.

    So I inserted the M to S node again & this time it worked a treat - Stereo!

    So now I am Mr. Confused & Bemused!