Custom Nodes upgrade?
  • I bought the Custom Nodes upgrade from the App Store on Saturday night but I'm embarrassed to say that I can't find its location.

    Have just checked with Apple support who tell me it is an 'In App' item so has been downloaded to somewhere on Audulus.

    Have looked in Create & also on the HD but can't locate the upgrade.
    Can anyone point me to where it should be, please?

  • Create -> Utilities -> Patch creates a subpatch named "Patch".

    Does that help?

  • Create->Utilities->Patch. Double click on Patch & I get an Input node & an Output node.

    What does one do after that, I'm wondering.
  • Create a few nodes inside the subpatch. Connect them to the input and output. Knobs and various other elements include "Expose" in their menus which makes the elements acessible from outside the subpatch.
    Download a few subpatches from the forum. You'll get the idea right away.
  • Got it! Thanks very much JD.

    Followed your advice then played around with the Custom node upgrade & "(got) the idea" as you said.

    "I advocate play".

    Also thanks for your good advice.

    I have been trying out all the nodes (and reading the help pages).
    Mostly I can't get them to work because I don't know which to connect to what & where in the chain to put them.
    Which is why I need a helpful book for complete beginners.

    Did have success with the Reverb node though & incorporated it into a project.

    I've played all of Taylor's videos (some several times over) & recently been looking at patches/sub patches (not quite sure what differentiates the two?).

    I think Cora is delightful & a very special instrument.

    Had a peek under the hood of a couple them. Hope that's O.K?

    Thanks again for your wise words - much appreciated.

    More questions will follow, I'm sure!
  • Keep it up.
    Sound On Sound magazine has an excellent series called "Synth Secrets" which is online. Start with Part 1.
    As for peeking under the hood, that's why we share our patches. We're compiling a library of modules that build on each others' discoveries.
    Have fun.
  • Thanks again. :)