A radial step-sequencer node
  • That's very cool, take care to give it fine control over step values, often on the iPad setting exact values can be tricky.
  • Good point. Perhaps I should make the step move slower than the touch, so you have fine grain control. Also, each step would have a numerical value entry like an input.
  • Exactly, then I got thinking wouldn't it be cool to have it reverse direction based on some number input and possibly some type of subdivision tempo control?
  • Yep, that would be cool. There's room for additional controls in the center of the node.

    What if it took an angle as input? Then you could drive it with an oscillator forwards or backwards, or randomly access each step.
  • Exactly! So that you could modulate the way it played through the note list in non linear ways.
  • This looks great! I've always been fascinated by round sequencers ever since I read about Raymond Scott's circle machine. Maybe MIDI CC learn for each step? Eventually, I'd love to see a scale quantize module to use afterwards!
  • Oh, and maybe a loop, non-loop switch with park and link ability- to allow chaining of sequencers (ala Nord G2).
  • Oh good point. I've been wanting to get a scale quantize node in there for a while. Its not too hard. I'm really looking forward to banging out some cool new nodes now that the iPad version is submitted :-)

    Definitely a MIDI CC learn for each step.

    I was just reading about the Circle Machine (http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2010/08/30/raymond-scotts-circle-machine-recreated/). Is it a step sequencer, or is there something else involved? The example video has a sequence that is longer than one rotation of the arm.
  • Makers, I'm heavily influenced by the Nord G2 :-)
  • Scale quantized would be cool. I can envision all sorts of crazy math being quantized to scale tones, producing stochastic kinds of patches. I know in the past you had also talked about some kind of audio pitch tracker nod as well?
  • Yep, I spent some time working on a pitch tracker. Perhaps naively, I thought I could write a polyphonic one, which is quite hard. So when I get back to it, I'm just going to write a monophonic one. It will be probably be FFT based.
  • I don't really know much about the Circle Machine. I can't think of any reason it couldn't be considered a step sequencer. I first read about it in the booklet included with the Manhattan Research Project CD's. I just really liked the idea of a cicular sequencer and never understood why the idea hadn't become more popular. I've been waiting a long time for a Nord G2 replacement- keep up the amazing work!