Patch memory module?
  • Hi.. Great app Taylor. No. Amazing app Taylor. :)
    So I have been designing a synth for creating harsh heavy synth and bass sounds to help in my sound design etc ( When the synth is complete I'm going to want to make presets of sounds for recall later on. So I'm curious how this could be accomplished in the current version of audulus if at all or is there a simple trick I'm could be missing out on :).
    I have very limited maths skills and recently starting learning algebra all over again and few other things to help me understand maths expressions etc and to be fair it's going to be a long road ahead. My skills are in music production and sound design but I have tinkered with the likes of synth edit and reactor so these concepts aren't alien to me.

    Anyways a little help would be greatly appreciated.

    Edit to add: I'm using the iOS version
  • @Digital, welcome and thanks!!

    There's this feature called "Presets" which is currently in the Mac version and will hopefully make it over to the iOS version soon. It allows you to save different versions of the patch (so either knob settings or entire re-wirings) and switch between them with a MIDI program change. Its pretty cool and I think it will address what you need. So stay tuned! :)

    - Taylor
  • Perfect mate... That's exactly what I was hoping for.

    I was thinking I might have to work out a way to do it myself and I think that's a bit beyond my skill level at mo :)

    I'm sure all the fun is to be had with those maths expression modules.. I should of listend in maths class all those moons ago.. Lol

    Thanks fella :)