live instrument processing via audulus/ipad
  • hi i'm new to audulus still working, but wanted to reach out. i do about 150 shows a year on the road with a live looping set up run off max and a laptop. i would love to be able to use an iPad for some of this stuff.
    basically my component chain is pre-amp, EQ, distortion, delay, compression, looper, and sample player.
    here's a video:

    i'm going back over the forum posts etc. just thought i'd put the query out there for any ideas.
    thank you.
  • @wildknees, I'd be curious to see the max patcher(s) you are using (I have max). It would give me a better sense of whether Audulus can do what you need :)

    - Taylor
  • Cool performance too!
  • My patch is very simple like the component chain I mentioned. That's the flow chart of the objects. If it were possible to run those, or as many as feasible in audulus and run on an ipad, that would be pretty cool. I think there some cool lfo things and so on in audulus as well that I'm not doing now in max that would be cool in audulus. (Whatever I can't build or patch in audulus I could use floor pedals).