Interface issue
  • Hey,

    I just got Audulus after randomly finding it some how and through it looked amazing and really well designed. And it being really visual with nothing hidden is great.

    My issue is that in the videos, it is shown that by right clicking/tap & hold that it brings up a menu to add nodes. All I continually get is options to Select All/Copy/Paste. This is happening with both iPhone and Mac. I can still add nodes via menus but it is slow.

    Can anyone suggest something?
  • Hey @Johnson, welcome! Sorry about that. There were starting to be too many nodes to put everything in the radial menu. Are you finding the create menu on iOS to be slow as well?
  • Hi Taylor,

    Firstly, thank you for creating a really incredible synth program from creating from the ground up.

    I am not finding that it is running slow, more so efficiency slow having to scroll through items and a lot of unnecessary (I find) back and forth between menus (more the Mac version).

    I have a few other questions also that I can not seem to find answers for also.
  • Thanks for the kind words!

    For the Mac version, I'm planning on bringing back node creation via the context menu. Should have that done pretty soon :)

    Also, feel free to ask any other questions.
  • Excellent. I am having a lot of fun playing with Audulus and seeing what I can do with it. This has also trip me over into finally buying an iPad.