Help or examples of some new nodes in action..
  • So there have been some new nodes added in the last few versions, but I am not sure how to use them or understand what can be achieved with them. Specifically the nodes are:

    -Feedback Delay
    -Unit Delay

    I'm guessing these are useful for designing your own filters, are there any other applications? Has anyone made any filters or other things with these?

  • UnitDelay and BiQuad are useful for designing your own filters. In fact by combining the UnitDelay and the Expression node you can do all sorts of filters, which I'm hoping to showcase in the future :)

    The FeedbackDelay node is useful whenever you want to control the evaluation order of nodes, which is important when there's a feedback loop.

    I know @BTL has been keen on working with these nodes.
  • I would also love to see these nodes in action having had no luck in figuring them out myself.
  • Thanks @Taylor, looking forward to your showcase of these