ICloud Sync seems to replace my new edited patch on iPad with the old one on iPhone 5s
  • I recently discovered that the patch I edited on iPad Air was recovered to the old version on iPhone 5s by iCloud sync. This May due to the loss of internet connection during the editing on iPad Air. But, I think the Audulus should know which version of patch is new right? How can this happened?

    從我的 用 iPad 發送
  • Hey @ethan831231, did you loose your work as a result? If so I'm very sorry.

    Were you switching between local and iCloud storage around when this happened?

    - Taylor
  • That's OK. I rebuilt it in 5 min.

    I did not make change in iColud storage setting. And I didn't use Audulus in iphone during the process. Well. it dose not happen all the time. For now it just back to normal.