Slow reaction to MIDI and occasional crashes?
  • I am working on building a synth in Audulus and then a corresponding template in Lemur to control it. So far I have it working like I'd expect, but it seems like Audulus is now working very hard when I send MIDI events at it - to the point where it crackles and pops and sometimes crashes. If I let it sit for a while without sending a note (say 5-30 seconds) things eventually seem to settle out and it's good again.

    I have about 12 CCs that I'm senidng at it from Lemur - some will be fired in very rapid succession. There are other places where I have the same CC assigned to multiple things. For example, there are four oscillators that all have the same CC mapped to semitones and another CC mapped to all four of the "cents" controls.

    Would any of those things be things that Audulus doesn't like?
  • Actually, attaching the files. It may make more sense what's happening with them available.
  • Hey @SuperNiCd, thanks for posting the files! I'll see if I can reproduce the pops and crashes.

    all the best
    - Taylor
  • Thanks Taylor! It may be something bone-headed that I'm not doing right, as I'm still pretty new to Audulus. But I've looked through it can't seem to find anything. It behaves OK when CCs are not coming in, and eventually (usually) stabilizes. Hopefully it'll be super obvious to you. :-)
  • Just wondering if any suggestions here? Thanks!
  • Hey @SuperNiCd, which iPad are you using? The implementation for MIDI CCs in Audulus isn't terribly efficient.
  • Hey @Talylor, I'm using an iPad Air. Perhaps I'm beating too hard on it.
  • @SuperNiCd, no, I just need to process MIDI CCs in a different way. I'll be working on it soon and I'll keep you posted :)

    - Taylor
  • Thanks @Taylor. As you've probably figured out if you've looked at the two templates, I"m hoping to be able to build the synth of my dreams in Audulus, and then the preset programming mechanism of my dreams in Lemur. In the very early stages, but I have high hopes that this is going to be a wicked combo. :)
  • @SuperNiCd, sounds really cool! Bear with me here and I'll get the MIDI CC processing as efficient as the MIDI note processing :)

    - Taylor