Audulus & Juno 60 Arp Syncing Idea
  • Hey everyone, my name's Jordan and am a brand new Audulus user. I have previous experience learning Max MSP in college, so I'm thrilled to take on Audulus.

    So I'm trying to create a patch that could generate the exact same signal found in Korg's free iPhone app, "SyncKontrol" to precisely control a Roland Juno 60's arpeggiator, via the "Arpeggio Clock In" 1/4" found in the back. Now if I can get Audulus to effectively generate this same signal, I would then like to be able to create a step sequencer for it, a way to choose the timing (1/8th, 1/8T 1/16th, etc) and finally a way to sync it up to Ableton.

    I'm currently playing with the Seq16 but I'm not sure if it acts specifically like a step sequencer. Is there just no such thing available in Audulus yet? Is this patch achievable with what's available so far?