Step Up/Down Patch Help
  • I need a little help on a patch. I'm trying to make a simple step up/down. When the "down" button is triggered, it cycles around, as long as the button keeps being tapped, and does not stop at zero, which I would think it would do. When the "up" button is triggered, it does nothing until the "down" button is retriggered at zero, however, the "down" button, when retriggered, takes one step up. I'm sure I'm very close to solving this myself, it's probably something small. Thanks for any help.
    2048 x 1536 - 301K
  • Can you describe a little more clearly exactly what you want the patch to do?
    Is it simply to move the demux back and forth by steps? Or is it to keep a running count?
  • Like this?
  • Yes, exactly like the stepper you've posted. Thank you. I appreciate it. I was staring at that puzzled for a few hours, haha.
  • been there
  • This is what I can up with as a solution.
  • I modified your patch to stay between 0 and 7, so it doesn't loop.
  • You only need 1 clamp on the way into the S/H.