iCloud support within audio units
  • Is this possible? I really would love this functionality so I can patch on the go with my phone and fine tune when I get home in my DAW. If I could access iCloud documents from the AudioUnit it would be seamless and I would be so happy.
  • @canyoubarrett, Welcome! I know it would be really cool!

    The problem is that the iCloud storage is tied to the host DAW so the Audulus AU can't access Audulus documents.

    I'll be investigating this further to see if I can come up with a work-around :)

    - Taylor
  • Thanks for the prompt response Taylor. It's not the end of the world since the manual workaround is to just save the documents from iCloud to a folder and load from there.

    Loving this app so far. Really great work and looking forward to all the love and work you keep putting into this app.
  • Yes definately THIS! I will use Audulus much more as an AU in Logic so adding the ability to patch on the fly with the iPad will encourage me to spend more time with it.
    As canyoubarrett mentions downloading the iCloud stuff with the Application to make it available to the AU is possible so it would just be an improvement to workflow.