Asking for clarity about building modules
  • Hello,

    I have a question or two, and I think I'm looking for some clarity as well. Audulus was the main reason I bought an iPad; I was just amazed at seeing what it could accomplish in terms of modular synthesis. I love this type of music, and it love learning about how to create sound in this way. I don't own any physical modules, and I don't own a modular synthesizer. I still feel as I am just beginning to learn Audulus; although it appears clear and straightforward. I know how to build my own synth inside Audulus, and have used Audulus as an effect in AudioBus, using iSem, iMini, and Magellan as input. I'm not a complete beginner. I also own all the IAP; so I can build my own custom nodes, but I have not looked into that just yet. Where I'd like to go with Audulus for me personally, is into building representations of physical modules, if that's possible, and building my patch library in that way. Just as a simple example, building the Doepfer A-110 VCO inside Audulus.

    So I guess my questions are, is it possible to build modules like that? And if so, has anyone else done this, or looked into this and have a patch or two to share as an example? Would it just be a matter of following schematics and setting correct frequency ranges, etc?

    Perhaps I'm looking at Audulus in the wrong way, or am missing something that is clearly right in front of me.

    Anyway, any help or clarity will be appreciated. Thanks.
  • @ArcaneScreams, welcome!

    That's exactly what I'm going for with the Custom Nodes feature. You should be able to lay out the interface of a higher level module, like the A-110.

    To do something like the A-110, you'll need to expose 5 knobs from a sub-patch. Also, expose inputs and outputs on level nodes to get the inputs inside the module's body.

    Have a look at this excellent patch as an example of building some custom nodes: Also check out all the threads in the sub-patches category for more examples.

    Now, you'll find Audulus is missing a few things like stepped knobs (easy to work around), but we've got most of what you need in there already!

    - Taylor
  • Wow, thank you for the quick response. I really appreciate it. Your explanation helped me a great deal. You've build an amazing program here, and I wish you success. I'll look into the Custom Nodes. Thanks again.