MIDI Learn in iPad version?
  • First off, hi. Don't think I've ever posted before. I'm relatively new to Audulus. I've had it for a while, have been through some of the tutorials, etc. and figured it's time to dig a little deeper.

    First question - can MIDI CC's be mapped to Audulus controls in the iPad version? I found a reference in the forum about doing this on the Mac version but it's not clear to me if it's available in the iOS version or how to do this if so.
  • Hey @SuperNiCd, welcome! Glad you're digging a little deeper :-)

    To map a MIDI CC to a knob, tap and hold on the knob to bring up the context menu and select "Learn MIDI CC." Then send the MIDI CC and it will set up the mapping.

    - Taylor
  • Thanks Taylor! I guess I was just trying it on the wrong kind of control. For example, I tried to do it to a MIDI trigger object, and the choice does not seem to be available there. It does however work if I try it on a level object or the "cents" knob of an osc.

    PS - any way to set it on a MIDI trigger? Seems like a good candidate for MIDI learn. Or alternatively, I guess I'd just set it on a level object and only send it values of 0 and 127.