Icloud not working
  • I seem to be having issues with the icloud storage of patches. On an ipad3 and iPhone 5s (both current OSes) I try to start a new patch after enabling the icloud feature and while loading, it just stalls and eventually crashes audulus. I also notice that when I enable the featur, all my local patches disappear. Is there an easy way to get some that I've created to become stored in icloud? Thanks
  • @thelib, that's no good! I had thought I did thorough testing of iCloud to make sure these things can't happen, but evidently not!

    Were you having any internet connectivity problems when Audulus wouldn't move your patches to iCloud?

    Perhaps the best way to diagnose this is to get you registered as a beta tester so I can get more details about the crash you're seeing. Would that be ok?

    all the best
    - Taylor
  • Yeah, I wondered about internet connection and tried the phone just on cellular and was having the same issues. I'm happy to join the beta testers, but I should preface that I'm a super noob with synths, but not ios stuff. So my help will be somewhat limited.
  • any resolution on this? I've got the exact same issue.
  • @lmem, its just crashing when you create a new patch?