Unable to "import patches" in audio unit
  • Hello, I just purchased the OS X version of Audulus with the main purpose of using it in my DAW, Renoise. But it seems that I can't import any patches from the AU version. Is this a bug or is there some slick workaround that I'm unaware of to get things rolling? Thanks!

    PS. Also, it seems the interface between the app store app and the AU are quite different. And finally, the resize button on the bottom right of the AU takes about 20 click + drags to get it the size I want, for some reason it detaches from my mouse click every few pixels.
  • Hi @todkon, my apologies for these bugs! I'm currently working on updating the AU version for compatibility with the latest Mac version.

    A while ago I broke the AU version pretty badly which resulted in them getting out of sync for a while. I've already fixed the main problem, so stay tuned for a new AU version!

    I'll try to fix the annoying resizing of the window while I'm at it. Alas, Apple didn't design AUs to be resized.

    all the best (and welcome!)
    - Taylor
  • Thanks Taylor! I've been using Audulus on my iPad since you released it and can't wait for the AU to be up and running so I can adapt it to my DAW workflow.