Ipad recommandation
  • hello everyone, i've never used an ipad but i'm thinking of buying one soon
    what's the min required to make Audulus run smoothly on it ?

    thanks !
  • It works great on my iPad Air. It will run on earlier iPads, but some patches might be more challenging. In general Audulus performs very well, but since it's effectively a programming environment, you can choose to make it slower. :)
  • what do you mean by slower ?
  • simplify the patch ?
  • I mean you can make it perform less well by making your patch more complicated. Or make it perform better by making it less complicated. Most synth patches will probably perform pretty well. DSP patches (e.g. using the pitch shifter node) will perform less well.

    I wouldn't go much earlier than an iPad Air, but that's 4 years old now anyway.

    Don't know what the official recommendation is.
  • thanks for your advices, i'll look that up
  • I recommend an iPad pro or some other NEW iPad regardless. I understand that people have different budgets but apps are an ever-changing endeavor and Audulus will only ever be compatible with the current iOS.
  • i guess that with Audulus 4 coming, getting a fairly recent one would be wise
  • I got the new iPad Pro 12.9. I upgraded from an iPad Air 2. Totally worth the extra money. The bigger screen, faster processor, and the Apple Pencil are important to me. I draw and Audulus a lot so I could justify the price.
  • AppleCare+ is sick as well. I don’t keep my iPad locked up in a case and use the thing in the snow and rain. No worries for 2 years.
  • wow you are really convincing haha
  • @eall123 keep an eye out for the visual app @Taylor is working on. It's supposed to be the Audulus of 3D modeling.
  • if there's a link between those 2 i'd be blessed
  • @RobertSyrett
    Woh. Taylor bringing on the goods. Cheers, will definitely stay tuned for that.