• Hey Taylor

    Now that I am a (learner) user and can draw comparisons between the Mac and iOS versions, here are some thoughts I had:

    1. Please consider changing navigation with track pads on the Mac
    - Scroll up/down and left/right would be so much better suited to scrolling instead of zooming like in Safari and other applications
    - Zooming would be easier to control if you tied it to modifier key+scroll and / or pinching
    - Click+drag in the background should span the rubber band for multi-selection instead of scrolling
    - Hover+scrolling over elements would ideally increase/decrease values (Constants, etc.)
    - Please consider zooming in on the mouse pointer position instead of the canvas' center. Or give me a modifier key to do so
    - Please consider adjusting the zooming resolution / speed. I often times zoom in/out too far by accident. Do you factor in the settings I set up in System Preferences?

    The current unexpected behavior throws me off all the time. It's just so non-standard and in several situations not working that well (like scrolling in a busy layout with click and drag will often times select and move / disconnect / adjust value of something instead of scrolling). So I always have to zoom out first, scoll and then zoom in again. With the zooming being too coarse at times, that causes quite a lot of NOOOOOOO moments ;)

    2. Please update the AU :)

    3. The GUI on the Mac seems less refined than on iOS. I often see glitches, I'll have to collect some examples but using the iOS version was kind of an eye opener in regards to how the GUI should behave. Things like flashing cables to show signal flow don't always work on the Mac, in fact the might work with one oscillator on the canvas but stop working with two, stuff like that.

    4. please provide visual guides plus snapping (maybe with a modifier) for allignment of elements. I know, it doesn't sound better if oscillators are alligned, but it can be easier to take in the layout once things start getting complex. I think that Pages is kind of a good example for expected behavior in handling vector elements on a canvas

    5. the mouse over help is great, please make sure to include what sort of signal each input expects and what sort of signal each output offers. I can get by using the Metering modules in some cases, but not in others..

    6. More filters. There's really only a Lowpass, right? The other filter types would be a huge improvement :)

    7. The. Mixer module... I read that you're planning to improve it. Levels per input and more than four inputs would be a huge improvement

    8. Please add a toggle switch module. If something needs an ON signal to start to work, the current switch just doesn't cut it. And the Constant module set to 1 doesn't always seem to work as a replacement.

    That being said, I immensly enjoy using Audulus. Although the first point can drive me mad at times ;)

  • Here are 3 modules to get you started: a toggle switch and 2 mixers.
    3 Modules.audulus
  • Gero, good feedback! Thanks!


    1. I'm definitely on board with improving trackpad navigation.
    - Just so happens that in the next version, it will zoom about the mouse pointer, not the center of the canvas :-)
    - Is hover-scrolling to change values a typical thing? Wouldn't that be confusing if the scrolling gesture didn't result in scrolling when over a value?

    2. Working on it!

    3. Please send me bug reports!

    4. I'm planning on implementing snapping as part of improvements to the expose feature.

    5. Could you send me some edits for the documentation? Would be good to see exactly what you'd like to see.

    6. There's a high-pass too. I'm actually going to be introducing more filters in v 2.8.

    7. Yeah I'd like to do a n-channel mixer with knobs. As well as various other mixer types. Stay tuned :-)

    8. Will do!

    Don't worry, you'll be pleased, it just might take me a while to get there.

    - Taylor
  • @JDRaoul, thanks!

    @Taylor: I wasn't expecting a whole lot in short term, seeing that you've just been spending a lot of time on the iPhone development. But what you say is really encouraging.

    1. Great news about the zooming behavior! About hover-scrolling: I think as soon as a help text pops up, I would expect to have to move the mouse pointer before regaining the scrolling behavior. But you have a point, I'd have to try it to be sure if it feels right. Maybe my suggestion would make it annoying.

    2. Looking forward to it! I really like the standalone version but being able to process inside Logic is a n important use case for me. Just in case you were wondering if anybody even needed it - I do :-)

    4. Cool! Snapping can get annoying fast if enforced, but it's really helpful to have as an option

    5. I'll have to run into open questions again, then I can tell you what I was missing. Let me spend some more time with Audulus

    6. Thanks! I checked again and what I meant was a resonant HP along the lines of the filter in Effects. But great to hear it's on your list

    7. Staying tuned :-)

    8. Perfect! Will have to check JDRaoul's switch.

    Have a great weekend!
  • Be sure to check out the new improved switch included with the Euclidean sequencer.