Make Noise Echophon-ish
  • Have made an attempt to make an Echophon-type of module in audulus.
    Since i dont own this module i have made it based youtube-clips and the manual.

    I am only one week old in this game so i basically stole bits and pieces from other nodes.
    Its based on a clockable delay found on the forum.

    Short description:

    The module have to be clocked either internally or with ext clock source.
    Echo have the same div/mult as in the original.
    Clock out in the bottom makes it an div/mult clocksource which follows the echo knob adjustments.

    Pitch is scaled and the "depth-knob" only adjust the level.
    This is different from original as the depth-knob there do some attenuation type of thing.

    Feedback is level of feedback and the knob over directs the feedback through pitch or echo only.
    Also have a feedback out and in for ext feedback. Be careful and use some VCA or level-knob :)

    There is also an freeze function which can be gated.

    Left the filter in there as i thought it could be useful.

    Have found this one very interesting to use on drums and percs.

    Feel free to come with suggestions or improve it yourself :)

  • Very good! I like the sound of the module overall


    The internal clock isn't synced to the buffer in any meaningful way, so a simple hz expression/input would probably suffice. In the same area, there probably doesn't need to be 16 phasors in the clock output, just one clock with the final hz value input as its frequency. Also I noticed that the dotted and triplet selector is a 32 input mux with only the first 16 inputs selectable (despite there being values in the upper half), not sure if that's intentional.
  • Since this seems like this will be a thread relating to the echophon, it might be a good idea to link to the manual for reference.

    edit: makenoise also has a whole video playlist for the module which is also a wealth of info.

  • Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 6.55.57 PM.png
    315 x 708 - 44K
    Hexaphon demo.audulus
  • Thanks for the feedback Robert.

    Interesting little module you got there.

    Cant figure out how to make the freeze function time-sync.
    Need to dig deeper, or perhaps some insight..? :)

    Also, i can not figure out how to make a synced clock output
    without using all these phasers. You mention Hz-sync, and i will try to figure
    out something.

    I have an updated version of the module.
    I removed the filter to make it more "clean".
    Instead i put in an knob that you can choose Straight-Dotted-Tripplets.

    Pitch to the left, feedback in the middle, and echo to the right.

    Only thing missing are the synced freeze and an more economic clock out.
    Echo-fun - 1.1.audulus
    Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 17.48.02.png
    480 x 614 - 59K
  • Here's a revised version with the things I would change, I made a little list of what I did inside the patch.
    Echo-fun revised.audulus
  • Excellent!

    Will dive into it tomorrow.