audulus 3 & aum
  • hi, sorry. am a bit puzzeled about this.
    multichannel with aum is not possible yet ?
    i would like to chain like an fx the first two channels of audulus with samplr and the rest as cv outs & ins with my expert sleapers gear.
    is this possible ?
  • Can you tell us a bit more about your desired setup?

    You want Audio Interface 1,2 -> Samplr L,R -> Audulus -> ??
    Audio Interface 3-8 -> other stuff?

    Or what?
  • Currently Audulus only provides a single stereo pair of inputs and outputs using either IAA or Audiobus. I have attempted to use a multichannel I/O unit (Focusrite Scarlett 6i6) with AUM or Audiobus 2 and 3 and Audulus and Audulus crashes immediately on launch. I have already filed a bug report. Audulus works fine with the Scarlett so long as Audiobus or AUM are not running and works fine with AUM and Audiobus as long as I only have a single stereo I/O connected.