• I was playing around with @biminiroad's Chaos module and 3D gate sequencer and discovered that the conga module I made a while back isn't a half-bad wind chime if you crank the knobs.
    Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 3.20.42 PM.png
    2920 x 2038 - 682K
  • Needs more reverb! seriously though, that is an interesting application of the 3d mixer.
  • This one's the 3D gate sequencer, I haven't played with the mixer yet. I tried turning up the reverb, but I couldn't hear the chimes! ;)
  • Gotcha, and the 1D chaos is modulating the phase, so it's like you are modeling wind going through a set of 8 chimes.
  • This patch can accompany the first patch at lower volume.
    head chimes.audulus
  • Thye do work very nicely together!
  • I've grown quite fond of the hybrid wind chimes patch. I've had it on for the better part of the day. Very meditative at low volumes. I told you everything is better with a little PENG!