Audulus Tutorial Livestream: Chaos & 3D Modules in Audulus

  • 0:00 - Introduction
    1:20 - Discussing the uModular collection
    4:46 - Kalimba patch description
    6:35 - 1D Chaos module analysis - randomness vs. chaos
    20:47- 2D Chaos module
    22:17 - Introduction to 3D in Audulus - the 9-point 3D visualizer
    25:24 - 3D and XY pressure effect parameters and visualizer
    26:33 - 9-point 3D visualizer module analysis
    30:38 - Evolving the visualizer into new modules - vertex outputs as CV
    32:40 - 8 input 3D mixer module analysis
    37:49 - 8 output 3D gate sequencer module analysis
    41:15 - 3D selectable waveshape VCO module analysis
    45:45 - 8 step 3D sequencer demo patch analysis
    47:25 - 8 step 3D sequencer module analysis
    59:10 - The future of 3D and chaos modules
    1:01:12 - Random Non-Repeating sequencer patch
    1:02:30 - 27 point 3D visualizer module
    1:05:06 - Generative music with 3D mixer demo patch analysis
    1:07:09 - Rate & Review Audulus 5-Stars in Mac and iOS app stores
    3D Mixer Demo.audulus
    3D Gate Sequencer and Mixer.audulus
    One Dimensional Chaos.audulus
    2D Chaos.audulus
    3D Gate Trigger and 3D Mixer Kalimba Drum Demo.audulus
    3d Oscillator Demo.audulus
    Rest Stop at the End of Nowhere.audulus
    27 Point 3D Visualizer Demo.audulus
    3D mixer SVG.audulus
  • Wow. I'm going to have to pore over this one
  • @biminiroad, you are aware that there was plenty of activity in the chat right? It just wasn't updating on your screen. It was a comically frustrating experience.
  • @robertsyrett - yeah, found that out afterwards whoops! Next time...

  • Here’s the Numberphile video referred to in the tutorial: