Trigger - Learn Midi Note
  • Hi, is it possible to use Trigger-Learn Midi Note on Ipad ? I am trying to assign midi note on external keyboard to trigger.
    Simple make on/off switch with external keyboard to control individual oscillators. Is this right way ? Thank you for your help and sorry for my english writing.
  • Ok I found it, right click on ipad. context menu button.
  • @skalape, welcome to the forum! My apologies I didn't get to your question earlier. Glad you figured it out :-)

    - Taylor
  • hello, its fun, but I have the same question after last update. I cant find that button,
    holding knob on trigger didnt help, or double tap, or holding it together with midicontroler.
    Hmmm I tryed everything, but cant find it. Please help.
  • @skalape, oh that is a bug! Sorry about that!

    Looks like the only way to access the menu was using the context menu button which I removed in v. 2.7.

    Maybe the trigger should have a separate MIDI learn button? What do you think?

    - Taylor
  • It should be nice, maybe on tap and hold triger should show it near expose and help options.
    I will be very grateful for it, I am playing on electric piano and controling
    more things during play with keys.
    thank you very much.


  • I could do tap & hold on the node itself (outside the trigger).
    How does that sound?

    The problem with tap and hold on the trigger is that someone might want to hold it down without invoking the menu.
  • Yes I mean the same thing, but my english is not well:)
    Sounds great.
    thanks a lot
  • Hi Taylor,
    please when it will be possible to use trigger learn midi note?
    thank you.

  • Or could you send me older version (2.6) .ipa of Audulus please, I cant find any
    of my backups. I only need setup some triggers then I upgrate back to 2.7
    Thanks a lot.

  • @skalape, I sent you a private message :)
  • Hi Taylor.
    I'm Brendan from Montreal, Canada.
    I have a question.
    After consulting this thread, it is not clear to me.
    I would like to control midi trigger node with a cc MIDI message.
    On my iPad, I don't see the MIDI learn option trigger node's context menu.
    My workaround is to use a level node and send a value of 127 when I press the button on my MIDI controller and a 0 value when I release it.
    Can you confirm to me that there is no way to MIDI learn with the MIDI trigger node?
    If not, I would like to now if you plan to make it possible in a future version of Audulus.

    So you now, I'm new to Audulus for a week now.
    It's been a while I was looking for an app to use as a mobile live audio effects processor controlled via MIDI messages.
    And Audulus seems to be really the app I was looking for.
    Also, I really appreciate the Audulus forum and your great user support.
    Thanks a lot.

  • @Elektroshnik Hi Brendan, welcome! Yes in 2.7.1 I goofed and the MIDI learn on the trigger node isn't showing up. Good news is I've already fixed it for 2.8, which will be out soon (on the order of a week or two) :)

    - Taylor