expose & switch pack IAP's not available in AU / Can't open patches containing them in AU
  • as the title says :-)

    I've purchased the Expose and Mux IAPs, which work fine in the audulus app, but can't access them in the AU (though strangely I can access the expr node in the AU). Likewise, I can't open audulus patches containing Expose or Mux features that I've made in the audulus app inside the AU.

    It's kind of a bummer because I've put together a pretty slick module that outputs a DAW-sync'd clock, and I wanted to hook it into my sequencer and delay patches for maximum "Morodor mode" :-)
  • @plurgid, yeah the AU is lagging behind a couple versions. I'm trying to get it up to date but something along the line has broken rather badly.

    I'll keep you posted. Sorry about that!
    - Taylor