Audulus for iPad sneak peak!
  • Hi Taylor,

    I'm happy to see you've set up this forum. I'm interested to find out how others are using Audulus. (Unfortunately, I haven't had much time in the box recently.)

    The iPad version looks great. Can't wait to see the new Mac version, too!


  • Thanks dl! I'm also going to be posting a lot of patches here, so keep an eye out!

    - Taylor
  • This looks awesome.
    I was wondering when we might see the iPad version.
    This could well be the first usable modular synth on the iPad!

    Taylor, have you seen the development of Audiobus?
    Given the ability of Audulus to act as an effects processor on the Mac, there would be a huge benefit to adding Audiobus compatibility on the iPad. It would not only allow Audulus to output audio into other iPad recording apps but also to effect audio from one app and pass it on to another.

    What do you expect pricing to be?
  • Thanks! I went through several iterations of the iPad gestures to make it easy to use. For example, since touch isn't as accurate as a mouse (in terms of absolute positioning), I added a connection mode which makes it easy to make a connection even when zoomed out.

    I've been following Audiobus and I'm going to add support for it :-) It would be great if Audulus could act as an Audiobus server as well as a client, but I doubt their API has support for that.

    Pricing will probably be $9.99 initially.
  • Perfect, it's a steal at ten bucks. It's probably the closest in terms of function and look to an app called Jasuto as far as competition goes. But I have found Jasuto very frustrating to program whereas Audulus is very quick to program and let's you follow what's going on in a patch by what it looks like n screen. It should do well.
  • Quite a buzz about this brewing online I see, should do well right out of the gate.
  • Hello
    Looks Awesome....
    9.99 ...great !!!
    Nice to be here.
  • Hi Taylor,
    can Audulus for ipad record sessions?
  • Hey Rafael, I'm going to either extend the sample node to do that. It won't be in the first iPad version, but its high on my priority list!
  • Hi,
    About Audiobus I'm 90% sure Audulus could act as an Audiobus server as well as a client.
    That will be fantastic.
  • ---When you say that you're going to be posting a lot of patches here, would you please define "patches"? Patches can mean sounds or they can mean connections etc...
    If they're sounds as I hope they are how are these sounds created? Are they samples and if so in what format if not re they sounds created by connecting oscillators to adsr's etc...?
    Sorry for the idiot questions but I don't know this app at all and if its an app how limited will it be compared to the Mac version?
  • Rafael, that's great news! I'll be keeping an eye out for the Audiobus release :-)
  • Hey Scott,

    "Patches" are just the documents that Audulus makes. Its a typical term for a synthesizer preset (

    The sounds you make in Audulus are made by connecting "Nodes" together. There is also a Sample node if you'd like to load a .aiff sample file. Be sure to check out my tutorial video:
    I think you'll get a good idea of what its all about :-)

    The iPad version has all the nodes except the Audio Unit node, because it currently isn't possible to have plug-ins on the iPad.

    - Taylor
  • ---Is the kind of sound quality that iPad users can expect to get? The reason I ask is I bought another app that was ported over from a vst and the sound examples were based on the instead of what an iPad could produce, I bought several of the in-app banks and none fo them were as full and rich as the vst version that the demos were based on.
    The synth in the example above sounds killer, I'd love to be able to recreate that on my iPad...
    Thanaks for your reply...
  • Hey Scott, that synth actually comes with the app. Its the "Welcome" example.

    The iPad version of Audulus uses the same audio engine as the Mac version.

    - Taylor
  • ---Wow, very cool! Hurry up Apple!!! LOL
  • Trick or Treat!
    It's here, just purchased it for the iPad!
    Looks great!
  • Hey I just figured out that the iPad version can open patches that are up in the forum here!
    Just touch the attached patch file and you'll see the options.
  • ---I bought this and can't wait for the time when I can dig into it and start programming! There are patches already available for this? I looked on the app and can't find a place for patches, I know I've overlooked it so can someone please point me in theright direction? I have an iPad 2...
  • When the app opens you are at the patch chooser screen. Examples are built in so just swipe back and forth to pick one, then touch it to open it. I've been running the Mac version since the beginning so I've created some interesting stuff for it and am able to open those patches via email and "open in".
  • ---Thanks for your help, I think I've found the examples (Welcome, substractive, additive,etc..?). I guess I'm used to a patch bank but this is good too. You mentioned patches that are in the forum, I'm doing this while I'm working and must be missing a lot...
  • Yeah I will post more patches as I go. It sounds like a planned update is to be able to save settings for a patch.
  • ---That will be great and appreciated. I asked for maybe a revisit of the patch browser, as it is now it would be very difficult to use live and does it respond to midi program change for remote control of the patches?
    I'm very impressed by this synth and I think he did a fantastic job on it, as time goes on we might see a few other tweaks that are needed to use this to its fullest. Its creator sure seems like a great guy and very capable so who knows where this will end up? I've already recommended this to some friends of mine so hopefully more sales will be made...
  • Audulus is Great !!
    You are Great !!