Patching glitch?
  • Hi. I was messing around with your sample and hold example patch and had a nice, noisy sound going that froze up the patch. I quit and relaunched the app and patch, and found that a few node connections had disappeared. Tried to reconnect them without any luck. The "wires" will not join inputs and outputs. I'm attaching the patch -- the nodes I wish to connect should be obvious.

    Loving the app, by the way. Thanks.
  • Glad you're liking the app!

    The connections are actually still there, they just went black (I know, its stupid :-\). Looks like the state of the PitchShit node became corrupted -- if you delete it your connections will come back to life :-)

    I'm still working on making some of the nodes robust to numerical overflow -- that's where the numbers stored in the node start becoming too large for the computer to represent. For now though, the connections should definitely become a color other than black. I'll get that fixed!

    - Taylor

  • Ah ha! Thanks.