LFO and delays
  • I've been trying to set up an LFO to control the the modulation of the delay time, while I have figured out how to link them up at the frequency that I like, it always starts at 0 the goes up, then back to zero. Is there a way I can set the start delay time at, say, 50ms and modulate between 40ms and 60 ms? For the LFO, I'm using a phasor with a frequency set at .25, linked to a sin node, a volume control, then to the delay time. Any advice?
  • Hey @BigDaddyBri, sin outputs between -1 and 1 (a range of 2 units). Multiply the output by .01 (using Math->Mult) to get it to range between -.01 and .01. You'll then want to use the add node (Math -> Add) to add .05 and you'll get a range between .04 and .06 (40 and 60ms). Does that make sense? I can make you a little patch if you'd like.

    - Taylor
  • It does make sense, in fact, right after I posted it, I played with the values on the level, then used an add node with a value of .05, set the frequency on the phasor to .1 and it did exactly what I wanted, though your way sounds simpler, but with the level control, I can vary the amplitude of the sin wave.
  • Thanks for the help too, you confirmed my stumblings.
  • Sure thing!