Patch not saving a change
  • I have a patch that just refuses to save a change I am making. That is changing it from legato to poly on the MIDI keyboard. Whenever I return to the patch right back to legato mode. No crashes, no failures I notice. I am wondering if I try making a bigger change if that will make the change hold. Not sure but might be my next step in trying to resolve this.

  • Hey Ken, could you email me the patch so I can test it out on my end?
  • Will do, let me try the one other test I mentioned and if that fails or works I will send that info with the patch.
  • Email sent. Adding a level node at the same time as making the legato to poly change caused the save to take both changes. However going back into the patch and trying to just change the poly back to legato shows the same condition of that change not saving.