iPad to forum
  • Assorted salutations.
    Will it ever be possible to post a patch to the forum from the iPad?
    How about attaching a patch to a private message?
  • Mobile safari doesn't support file uploads, so I was thinking that Audulus for iPad could talk directly to the forum (via Vanilla Forum's API). So this way you'd be able to post a patch on the forum (in a new thread), directly from Audulus's patch browser.

    How does that sound?

    - Taylor
  • That sounds good!
    Much better than my idea. Since Mobile Safari allows you to uplaod photos, I thought we could use steganography. ;-}
  • Nice :-). I actually didn't know about uploading photos. It doesn't seem like there's any way for an app to publish what files are available for upload, like the photos app can.
  • How about sending patches via private message? Is that a possibility?
  • Crazy idea but we have iCloud sync. What about Dropbox? We could. Then share patches from Dropbox. That could be done from an ipad.
  • Good point. I could share a dropbox link in a PM. Can't get there directly from iPad but it's at least possible.
  • Yeah what I was thinking if audulus allowed drop box sync then that could solve the ipad sharing problem.
  • @JDRaoul, @devilock76. I'm looking at the dropbox developer documentation :-). Hopefully there's a way to integrate it that is easier than doing iCloud!

    - Taylor
  • A lot of existing audio apps use it. So it would be a fitting addition.
  • It's cool if I can download a furum patch direct inside Audulus Patch browser …and never go to Safari and comeback...
  • In a way we can sort of work around this from an ipad. Step 1, email the patch to your self from audulus. Step 2, open email when you receive it and touch and hold on attachment. If you have dropbox installed open in dropbox will be an option which will get it on to drop box. Step 3 of course would be to post the dropbox link here in the forums. Granted your dropbox settings for sharing may affect how easily or well this works. But that workflow could all be done from an ipad with audulus, email, and dropbox apps.

    Granted it would be nicer to do that direct from audulus, as far as using dropbox. But that is a workable flow if need be.

  • Example, a version of my FM/PM piano patch I was working on.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/yssz1ebnj1mcqhd/FM Piano.audulus

  • I got it to dropbox via the ipad workflow mentioned. But I just did the link from my desktop. But I know you can do the link through ipad. The link is good and bypasses sharing settings for view/download only. The link is of course good as long as the file is in the same location on your dropbox. I have a folder in Dropbox named Audulus for the sake of this experiment.

  • You should also be able to from that link add it to your own dropbox and on ipad open a patch that is in your dropbox account direct in audulus.

  • @devilock76 Once dropbox releases their "Drop-In Saver" for iOS, then I'll add direct saving to dropbox :) https://www.dropbox.com/developers/dropins
  • Cool about to do a test.
  • Testing in the fm piano thread