WOOT! Audulus now running in VST hosts via Metaplugin plugin from DDMF
  • DDMF makes a plugin to load other plugins! This is awesome. Just discovered it. It lets you load AU's in a VST only daw like in my case Nuendo / Cubase. Or the reverse VST's into say.. Logic. Also lets you use VST's and AU's in Pro-tools.
    I don't have that to test but that is what this plugin does. A few days back it didn't let you load audulus. I wrote to the developer and today in a new release it works!!! So now you guys should test.. It will open up a ton of customers for you now too. Again.. grab the demo and test on your own system. It is happily working on mine. NOTE... Its fairly new so expect it to not be 100% stable yet. But so far This rocks for me!
  • http://www.ddmf.eu/product.php?id=3
    Helps if i link to the site..
    Adriaan Taylor
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