Audio processing problem
  • I have this situation that happens where all of the sudden the audio just starts to fail, get staticy, a lot of noise etc. the only way to resolve it is to completely force audulus closed (ipad version) and reopen it. Not experiencing this in other programs and I can't find a pattern. At first I thought it might be line in clipping related but that does not seem to be it. On the patch in question CPU usage is hovering around .20-.30.

    Audio interface is an ART USB dual pre connected via the lightning to USB connector to a powered USB hub that has a wireless midi device receiver connected as well as the ART audio interface. Ipad is the 4th gen, ios 7.

  • Ken, can you post a patch so I can try to reproduce the problem?
  • I would need to use email to send it at this point. And it is in experimental stages.but yeah pm me an address or something and I wills end it along.
  • Go ahead and send it to the address on