Ipad Audio interface question
  • This isn't really an Audulus question. But there are some sharp people here who might be able to answer this.

    Setup Ipad->CCK->powered USB hub-> ART Dual Pre usb audio interface
    -> USB dongle for wireless midi controller

    OK so audio in works fine in above setup. Audio out, not so much from the ART. Wireless controller works perfect. Bypass the hub and run just the audio interface, in and out both work fine. But with the hub the only good audio out I can get is from the iPad's headphone port.

    I am thinking it is just this ART interface. But I am wondering if there is an issue with IOS and such a powered hub plus audio interface setup.

    Oh and to explain the issue, in the above setup the ART in looks good, the audio out visually looks good and responsive on audulus. However the sound out from the ART is barely there. The ART has a blend knob on the back to choose sound from the input and sound from the interface. The sound from the input is way louder when I roll it that way. The processed sound is way diminished.

    I think I need a new audio interface, I need 1/4" in and out of quality. I have another IN only interface but that is not the issue. Probably more things I could test, like what if I am using the hub but the ART is the only thing in the hub. I don't know just spit balling here.

  • Ken, are you getting quiet output with all apps?
  • I need to test that and something else. Will be doing so shortly and will follow up.
  • And literally it came down to the volume toggle. Now to go flog myself for missing the obvious...
  • I sent the email last night. Just checking that it was received.

  • Ken, received your email. Sorry for the delay! Looking at it now :)
  • Awesome, no worries. I just realized I posted this in the wrong thread anyway...heheheh