• Hi, I’m really interested in this app and was curious if there is going to be a sale on the app anytime soon? I’ve been looking into this type of stuff and I’m really interested, I was told to start off wth a program and learn here instead of spending a lot of money on a real modular system until I’m more familiar with it. :D any advice ?
  • Our two sales of the year are usually a Black Friday sale and a Christmas sale.
  • Audulus is a super great way to get into modular synthesis too - make sure you check out this guide I posted on AllTheSynths to see the best way to integrate it with your system :)

    And please let me know if you have any follow up questions!
  • I can't think of a better way to learn about modular synthesis. There's everything available from the basic building blocks to complete, fully featured synths. You can explore all of the concepts associated with musical synthesis without having to spend a fortune on modules. All that and a dedicated user community that's always willing to help, all for the price of a couple of patch cables. How can you go wrong?
  • Thank you guys, I really appreciate the info and advice. I’ll definitely buy Adulus 3 on Black Friday and start my journey on musical synthesis. Thank you again for the help! Hope to be apart of the community some day!
  • Don't kill me (at least, i was Audulus 2.x user!), will it participate in Christmas sale?
  • From a newbie : Merry Christmas everybody!

    No Christmas sale this time? :(

  • perhaps cause it was on black friday this year (which i missed :D )

  • @biminiroad on October 31 : “Our two sales of the year are usually a Black Friday sale AND a Christmas sale“

    Come on please, for the poor people......
  • @Taylor Is there any hope for @Pierre and @GrapeInfermal. I must confess that Audulus being on sale was a key reason why I bought Audulus last year.
  • Appearently no Christmas sale, even no reaction. Disappointing.
  • It's ok, i'm more concerned how long they ll support ios10?
  • @GrapeInfernal - The next update will not support iOS10, as it needs the iOS11 files system for the amazing new module browser. It's worth the update if you can - otherwise it will still continue to work on your iOS10 device, you just won't be able to update.

    @Pierre118 - I'm sorry, I forgot about the Christmas sale! I took a break while home for the holidays as my fiancee was meeting parents. I'll ask Taylor about another sale in the future, at least one more before A4 comes out...

  • @biminiroad

    I hope Audulus allows downloading older version when on old device/ios during purchase - i mean, some apps allow that and some doesnt, not sure how developer switch it on and off; but for example its like "your device doesnt support latest version but you can have latest compatible version" message in appstore, so on appstore servers there are different versions of app which are detected and chosen
  • @GrapeInfermal So Taylor tells me that he can't make an old version available for iOS 10 - if you want it, you should buy it soon, because any day we'll be releasing the iOS 11 only version. If not, I understand, but this would be your chance to get it.
  • I see, thanks!
  • Thanks for the reply, @biminiroad
  • @GrapeInfermal @Pierre118 - no problem! Let me know if you have any follow ups :)
  • @biminiroad I wait for the IOS 11 version, any sight of a ETA?
  • @Pierre118 - Can't say exactly when it will drop, but it seems like Taylor just posted a new beta with the final UI tweaks, and so far I haven't run into a single bug or crash in the course of my own beta testing...soooo....unless things go terribly wrong, pretty soon I'd say!
  • That’s good news. Thanks for the update @biminiroad

    I will wait unpatiently for it :)
  • 2 weeks passed, any news about the IOS 11 update?
  • It think it's about to come out, it has been in beta for a little while now.
  • Finishing touches today!