Stereo 1-6 Stage Pseudo Phaser
  • This is a nice-sounding adjustable 1-6 stage pseudo phaser that has automatic feedback compensation per stage. It's technically a flanger, but since flangers are normally between 5-25ms in length, and this uses delays of ~0.02ms to 0.9ms, it sounds more like a phaser.

    The clicking you hear when you change stages is normal.

    Sounds really awesome with saw wave oscillators.

    It's a stereo module with adjustable width output. You can also skew the sine LFO to saw left or saw right - neat effect you don't often hear on phasers.

    The tone control is a HPF for taming out-of-control lows.

    The cutoff control adjusts the range of the LFO sweep.

    Interesting note: I realized that the delay node can delay by single samples. So if you're looking for situations where you want to stack z-1's, then this is a good bet. Dunno how perfectly it lines up, but it works!
    Stereo 1-6 Stage Pseudo Phaser.audulus
    Stereo Pseudo Phaser Demo.audulus
    Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 7.48.04 PM.png
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  • See here for the Flanger version that is basically this module stripped down with more delay time.