Triangle Skew VCO
  • This morphs between triangle and saw. Since triangle is all odd harmonics and saw is all harmonics, odd and even, it's like mixing in even harmonics. Does alias, but who cares!
    Triangle Skew VCO.audulus
  • Just for fun I added a triangle to the uHarmonic V2.1. The saw is at position 3 and the triangle is at position 4. Much heavier design, but no aliasing. You could get much better accuracy from the harmonic generator if you replaced the muxes etc. with constant nodes and you'd reduce the CPU considerably, but I'm not sure the aliasing is enough of a problem to make it worth the trouble. Your approach is much better at maintaining a consistent output level, and the waveform certainly looks a lot more like what you'd expect. I would guess that the harmonics shift phase in a non-linear fashion as the waveform changes.
    triangle to ramp comparison.audulus