Hymnotron Clone
  • I was inspired by the following video to build an audulus clone of the Dewanatron Hymnotron:

    Here's my attempt at part of it (attached).

    There are 2 components: the chord maker and the voice.

    The chord maker outputs frequency values that build a simple just intonation chord starting from a specified root note. There are a couple of modulations for it, allowing you to perform intervals, minor chords, suspended chords.

    The voice consists of 4 wave folded sinewave oscillators, each with 3 stages of wave folding. Each one has a sine wave LFO that allows you to modulate the wave folding (which is way toned down compared to what the built-in way folding module is capable of). The LFO frequency is in the orbit section, and the mix values are in the nimbus section.

    In theory it should be possible to build a MIDI interface that will allow you to interact with the chord generator the way Leon does in the video, but I haven't even started that.

    hymnotron - chord progression.audulus
    hymnotron - some chords.audulus
    hymnotron - chord progression.audulus 2017-10-29 15-23-42.png
    1024 x 790 - 128K
  • AMAZING! I saw this a long time ago when I was first starting out with synthesis, awesome to see it finally in Audulus :)
  • FYI This is a nice oscillator mixer that @RobertSyrett created that auto-compensates for levels (so if you turn down one of the oscillator voices, the rest rise up and automatically stay between -1 and +1).

    To use just 4 inputs, turn down the last two all the way.
    VCO 6x1 Mixer.audulus
  • Ooh, nice, I'll incorporate it, thanks.
  • @jjthrash - btw great to have you back! Have been loving what you've been making recently :)
  • Glad to be back. :) Guess there are good things about having a sprained hand (no guitar, no electronics -> yes Audulus).
  • @jjthrash - awwww, well I both hope you heal quickly AND stay here - things have obviously exploded a bit in your long absence! :)
  • Thanks. And yes, it's pretty exciting. I'm loving the µStuff and the standalone things coming out. I actually got back into it because I was considering building a Benjolin (hardware) and saw that there was a clone.

    Then I saw the 0Coast clone after having played with a 0Coast at Moog this summer.

    Then I remembered the Conway project.. etc. :)
  • Your hymnotron clone is very cool.
  • Just found out Arcade Fire uses the Hymnotron on "We Don't Deserve Love," if you want to hear it in the wild.