0-Toast, OB-6, Kastle, Mother 32 Clone Patches
  • Hi,

    I'm completely new to audulus and my knowledge of modular synthesis is weak at best. I basically have no idea what I'm doing and I'm just starting out. However, I do sometimes come up with good ideas. For instance, I saw the 0-coast was cloned into a patch and I was wondering what other hardware would be cool if cloned.

    I saw this video of a guy playing with animoog and an OB-6 and thought the OB-6 would be interesting to clone. I'm also a fan of the Bastle Kastle and the Moog Mother 32 and thought those would make interesting clones as well. These are just ideas of course and are way out of my abilities right now so I'm basically asking the community to take on these projects as I have no idea where to even begin.

    Animoog and OB-6 Video:


    Also. If we could find a way to midi into the 0-Toast so we could bring in midi from fugue machine or xynthesizr. As well as take the sounds from an exterior sequenced synth app (like fugue machine midi playing animoog) and garble it up the with the 0-toast that would be cool as well. Dunno if something like that would even work as we'd be modifying audio instead of control voltages. Might be a couple new separate versions of the 0-Toast.
  • I was actually thinking of making an update of the 0-Toast because I have learned so much since I made it. It would be a lot more efficiently constructed, make some design departures from the original 0-Coast which acknowledge that the you can't do normalized signals in Audulus, and would use SVG graphics for a sleeker appearance.

    You should be able to use midi with any Audulus synth using the "keyboard" node. I made a little demo patch for you to mess around with.
    0-Toast demo.audulus
  • Looking forward to any updates or redesigns made to your 0-Coast module @RobertSyrett
  • Some guy on r/synthesizers really got into the 0-coast and made these diagrams.


    Thought they might be useful in your design. Definitely gonna download your above patch and play with it. Thank you so much for making it!
  • @gregaranda No problem, I saw that post as well! It should also clarify any patching that is going on with the 0-Toast. BTW, you might check out the next version of the 0-Toast I made called the 1-Toast (natch).