CPU Load vs. % CPU?
  • I'm seeing 40 - 50 % (and sometimes higher) CPU use in Activity Monitor, when Audulus itself is only showing 0.07 - 0.08 CPU load. Wondering if anyone else is getting this discrepancy.




    MacBook Unibody 2009; Os X 10.6.8; 2 Gb RAM
  • Sorry, should have mentioned that this happens even with simple patches such as the Subtractive Synthesizer patch included with Audulus. With an empty patch, CPU load = 0.02 - 0.03, whereas CPU % is 13 - 15 %.
  • Ah yeah the two are different things. The CPU load inside the program is:

    time spent processing audio / time to keep up with real-time processing

    So at .08, you've got plenty of headroom there. Activity Monitor CPU use refers to the percentage of time of a single CPU is devoting to the program. Much of that is rendering the graphics. That will go down a bit once Apple approves version 1.6 for Mac.

    - Taylor
  • Thanks for clearing that up. Btw, I'm enjoying the forum.