Natural Decay ADSR
  • I got this idea for a more piano-like ADSR that is frequency dependent from a person on Facebook. The notes of a piano ring out longer in the low strings than they do in the high strings, and this ADSR emulates that by automatically adjusting the decay and release proportional to the pitch. The maximum time for DR is 10 seconds (just scales nicely with 10 octaves).

    It's not just piano-only, but basically any instrument with strings - the higher notes have less mass and thus less inertia, so their vibrations decay faster.

    It's a subtle but very musical effect, much like the VPO tracking on a filter. Small differences like this can add up to a much more organic sounding synth!

    Just plug in whatever octave signal you're using for your pitch to your oscillator into the octave input on this module.
    A-D-S-R Natural Decay.audulus
    A-D-S-R Natural Decay Demo.audulus
    Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 11.06.20 AM.png
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  • Sweet. I feel like this kind of thing is my next direction. Studying real sounds and instruments and seeing at how they behave. Cheers.
  • "Got to know the rules to break the rules" seems to be the case.
  • I guess you can still break the rules without knowing it, but you wouldn’t know it.
  • @eall123 Totally! Lol this was a neat find. Evidently comes from Serge systems. I should make it so that the incoming velocity also changes the sustain level and decay/release time
  • Nice work. I wish the keyboard node generated a velocity signal in polyphonic mode.
  • @stschoen thats a bug that’s been filed - just an oversight! :)
  • I should be the last to complain about bugs. I've spent my life chasing my own! lol
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  • It just occurred to me that this would be perfect to drive the morphing version of the oscillator I just built, particularly if it incorporates a velocity feed. The harmonic content of the oscillator output could change along with the volume. A higher velocity could index farther into the table so as well as louder the sound could have a different waveform