Wavebender VCO
  • This VCO is based on a sine wave. The sine wave is shaped in its positive and negative swing by two mapper nodes that are fed through arctan (tube distortion) expressions. You can fade between pure sine and shaped signals.

    It's a deceptively simple module with a lot of different tone combinations. To prevent aliasing, make sure the far left and right mapper breakpoints are kept to the extreme positions and just move the central breakpoints. Putting any distance between the outer breakpoints will cause sharp jumps in the waveform and introduce harmonic distortion (which you may also enjoy!).

    Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 2.44.33 AM.png
    1000 x 1462 - 139K
    Wavebender VCO Demo.audulus
    Wavebender VCO.audulus
  • Oh how I wish we could combine the curve node and the spline node! Lovely demo, BTW. Very relaxing with a nice triplet feel.
  • @robertsyrett - hopefully that will be something added in v4! And thanks :)