Audulus/iOS 7 iPad...Any False Crash Messages or Forum Log-in problems?
  • Since downloading iOS 7, (though I can't say definite cause/effect but timing is approximately correct), every time open Audulus on iPad, I get a message stating that Audulus crashed the last time it ran and asking if i want to send a crash report. I have answered "No", because Audulus had not crashed and has not been crashing. After "No", Audulus appears to operate normally with 2 exceptions:
    1) Could not log into the forum from iPad or Mac....Account not recognized. Taylor reset the password for me, now i can get in on Mac, but still not on iPad (returns me to "Howdy Stanger" screen).
    2) I have one large patch, much larger than all the rest (already forwarded to Taylor for problem analysis), that now operates very slow and jerky, from panning and zooming to tweaking filter controls (all other patches are OK).
    Has any one had any similar experiences since downloading iOS 7?
    Also, this may be significant, I downloaded iOS 7 the day it became available despite several music app warnings, particularly Audiobus, to wait for iOS 7 bug fixes (read before you leap....I leaped first and then read) before installing. I have since, though, downloaded the iOS 7 updates (and all others for my music apps).
  • When a patch gets huge the UI gets sluggish. Perhaps this can be alleviated by loading the patch into the Mac version of Audulus and selecting "Clear History" from the edit menu (which clears the Undo history) then sending the patch back to the iPad.

    I'm holding off on IOS7 for now.
  • I am seeing some empty crash report emails which could be a bug that occurs on iOS 7. I'll fix that by the next release :)

    Havent had any problems with the forum though on iOS 7. (Working with @BTL over email to try to figure that one out)
  • Update:
    Item 1: Repaired ; Reason for lost account - unknown; Reason for inability to sign in on iPad after account re-instated - me, unaware of relocated private browsing option in iOS 7.
    Many thanks to Taylor for his assistance.
  • JDRaoul,
    Thanks for that advice. I do recall reading somewhere in the forum that iPad audulus stores all undo's. I'm a bit tied up right now but will try that in the near future. It may help, but the filter tweaking part of the problem was fine prior to iOS 7 and no changes were made to the patch prior to or after iOS 7.
    It's was probably a good choice in waiting a bit before installing 7 but be aware that the fixes are coming quickly. iOS 7.0.2 is already out and 7 of my 31 music apps, including audiobus, have already issue iOS 7 updates, solving any of the bugs that I was aware of. Though I have not yet done a detailed test of all of my apps, all seems back to normal.
    The large patch that I mentioned above is still in its experimental stages but was functioning normally prior to 7. It's awaiting a DC Blocker node proposed by Taylor, but in the mean time, contains work around circuitry that lends to its size. It also contains an excessive amount of signal waveform monitoring being used for development purposes. This should all go away in the final version, but what also catches my attention is that it did function rather normally prior to the 7 upgrade, which leads me to be concerned about large patches in the future and whether any other users have experienced unusually sluggish large patches under 7.

    Incidentally, I only recently purchased the Mac and more recently Audulus for Mac. I haven't had time to read up on it - if you could post with some short cut instructions on how to load the patch over to the Mac and then back to iPad, or direct me where to find such instructions, it would be much appreciated.
    Thanks for your post.
  • I e-mail the patch from the ipad to the Mac. To go from the Mac to the iPad I use DropBox.
    What is a DC Blocker? What are you trying to do?
  • JDRaoul,
    Thanks for that info. I have not yet used drop box but I'm sure I can figure it out from there.
    The analog of a DC Blocker would be a DC blocking capacitor. Unlike the capacitor, subsequent loading, leakage and frequency sensitivity are not an issue. A high pass filter can serve the same purpose, though not as effectively as a dedicated digitally implemented DC Blocker. For some reason, the high pass filters in audulus do not block or even attenuate DC until the alpha knob is slightly fiddled with. Taylor is aware of this- reason unknown at this time, may be a design flaw but the filters work as designed otherwise. He has also proposed a dedicated DC blocker for that specific use - and that would further increase audulus mathematical abilities.
    As far as use, often, after applying a non- linear mathematical transformation to a signal, which may be done for specific harmonic distortion content, frequency translation (multiplication) and many other reasons, there is a residual DC component that must be removed - hence the need for a dedicated DC Blocker - for that purpose, it's better than a cap or high pass filter.