Sync input on Phasor works not identically to Sync input on OSC
  • Please, see the picture. Where is my mistake? Why waveforms are not identical?
    I also think that the Sync input on Phasor needs to be placed under the Freq input (same as on the OSC node).
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  • Its my mistake! I just looked at the code and the sine oscillator syncs only on the rising edge, but the other oscillators (try a sawtooth for example) and the phasor sync on both rising and falling edges.

    I'll fix it! Sorry about that!
    - Taylor
  • v2.4 released, but this is not fixed :( Please make all oscillators sync the same way - on the rising edge
  • Sorry about that! I'll change them all to the rising edge. I just couldn't include that in 2.4 because I wanted to focus on iCloud without making a change that could affect existing patches.
  • @whitemix, ok its done! I'll probably submit a separate version with the fix :-)

    - Taylor
  • Dear Taylor,

    Thank you very much! I like Audulus :)
  • @whitemix, thanks! Version with sync fix now submitted to Apple :-)