Submit your uModular collections for addition here!
  • So the micro modular collections are really taking off, and I'm loving it! I am however, having trouble keeping track of all of them, especially since some of them have gone through several version changes.

    To help me out in adding them all to the collection, please gather all the ones you make individually and post them here in a .zip file.

    So for example, @robertsyrett has made a lot of them, he can put them all into a folder on his desktop, zip them, and upload them to this thread as an attachment. I can then download them, format them, and organize them into the main collection.

    Doing this will make it easy for me to also curate a separate collection that preserves the original UIs and functionalities of modules people make. I'll be standardizing the look/placement/signal ranges/etc of modules that enter the main collection, but would also like to have a collection that preserves all the modules in their own unique styles.

    Even if you're just submitting one patch, please put it in a folder with your name on it so I can make a separate collection that is by author.

    Format the zipped folder with this title:

    [Username] uModules [Today's Date M-D-Y format*]

    * - not M/D/Y, as those will get converted to -'s or _'s.

    If you upload a new folder, please just upload it in a new post instead of deleting your old .zip.

    Thank you for your help!
  • I’ll try to get them together tomorrow.
  • I'll do a round up as well.
  • my little contribution to the collection

    lately i'm listening a lot of ambiant music, and i stumbled upon the album
    "green" by Hiroshi Yoshimura and felt in love with the FM vibes

    so here's my FM bell oscillator !
    hope you'll dig it

    ps: also i'll make a zip file soon with more stuff

    Morning in Tokyo.audulus
  • Here you go. This is everything I have uModulated so far.

    edit 11:45- I updated the uGateLoop to be more fun and have a better display.
    edit 10/25- I found some bugs and uploaded again and I also properly formatted the .zip name.
  • I think this everything for me
  • @Nömak, love the bells. Wish I'd listened to them before my last mix.
  • Happy to see this post at the top today. Can’t wait for a massive collection of the uMod library that is consolidated and organized. This is a great new trend.
  • thanks ! is it too late ?
  • @Nömak - nope! However, I looked at your bells patch and it seems like there are some unused/unattached parameters? Wanna take a look at it and reupload it?
  • @robertsyrett - Have been adding a bunch of your modules today - love your ugate loop thing! It's a lot like the QuBit Rhythm module. I'm expanding it to have 4 banks of 16 patterns, just have kick and snare patterns so far.
    uGateLoop br edit.audulus
  • @biminiroad Cool! I've been going the other way with it. I've been stripping it down and only using the decimal input.

    BTW this could be a way to do presets!
  • @robertsyrett - was able to shave off significant CPU while adding 3 banks of patterns, but lost the nice flashing green light. You should take a look at your mux/demux, it's got one unnecessary logic equation in each of them.

    So it has 4 banks total now - generally kick, snare, hat, and tom/bass/instrument. The patterns are done in a way that if you change the pattern parameters of several of them at once in sync (say with a single Knob node attached to all 4 pattern parameters), the banks sound nice together - but of course you can mix them up as well.

    Turned all the way up is always a filled out 16 note pattern so you can easily twist it or gate it and add rolls.

    In the future, I'll expand the bank count to 16 as well, with a wider style of beats. These are mostly house/rock/techno/hiphop style beats.

    This is by far my favorite new module, so thank you for your contribution!

    Pattern Bank Gate Sequencer.audulus
    Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 9.02.12 PM.png
    1076 x 1220 - 176K
    Pattern Bank Gate Sequencer Demo.audulus
  • TY, I made those mux/demux a long time ago. This Bank/patter setup IS very much like the Qu-Bit Rhythm. Looking forward to see how people use it.
  • I really like the way the Audulus community builds off of each other's ideas. It's synergy at its best. The whole is definitely greater than then sum of the parts.
  • @biminiroad

    cleaned up the module a bit,
    and fixed a bug with the filter :)
    Morning in Tokyo2.audulus
  • Thanks @Nömak! I'll add that soon.

    Here's the latest iteration of the collection. Have only added 1/4 of @RobertSyrett's and just added some new ones I thought of today.

    Up to 255 modules in this collection! Officially a quarter of the way there (but more like 1/3 if you count all the ones I haven't added yet)

    Please report any module bugs you find here.
  • When all's said and done, it might be nice to do "boards" of modules. For example in the effects directory, there could be a single audulus document that had all the effects in it. That way you someone browsing the collection could choose like they were picking from a dessert tray. While the taxonomy of branching folders is obviously important for many reasons, I find that it's so much easier to to just open up reduced selections of modules and grabbing from them as I patch. Obviously this should be a final step, but I'd like to put the idea out there.
  • @robertsyrett that’s a great idea! We’ll do that.
  • AN update for the uTuring machine. I inverted the clock for the shift register so that it would shift on the leading edge of the clock instead of the trailing edge.
  • 267 now!
  • I'll post the "u" versions of the harmonic generator as soon as I'm reasonably sure they're debugged. I've made a couple of wiring errors today so I'm a bit gun-shy.
  • 275!

  • Here is a modulation mask for the collection.
  • A slightly different take on a comparator module.
  • I'm working on an update to the uModules I've constructed and had a quick question. Where is the best place to document each module? I can put text outside the module, but I've discovered that when I added my uModules to the context menu, I ended up having to delete the text every time I added a module. Text inside the module makes it hard to reference the external I/O and controls. It's enough work writing the docs that I want them to be useful. Also is instructions for how to use the module sufficient, or is a description of how it works also helpful?
  • @stschoen - for the individual module, keep text explanations inside. If the module is complex and needs further external documentation, we're going to have a separate folder that will explain how to use each one, often with multiple example uses. You can also create a paragraph at the top of the internals that gives the general overview of functions as well. Thank you!
  • Also, just a reminder, this post in particular is for posting whole collections, not individual modules. The reason I made this post was so if you have multiple submissions, you can pack them in a folder and I can just download them, adapt them, and add them. it will have an added feature of keeping all your modules organized by user, which will be good when we have the "User Collection" version of the library that organizes them by creator and preserves the original UIs as people want them. If you want to post individual patches, please continue to do so, just in the other "unofficial" thread or in their own post. Thanks!
  • If you have an updated collection, just reupload a new zip file and I'll grab from whatever;'s most recent.
  • Here's my latest update. A few new modules and updates to the older ones
  • Discovered a wiring error in the uSequencers
  • TY for the update!
  • Thought I'd post an update to my contribution. As usual a few new ones and updates to some old ones. I should probably keep a change log, but that's a bit too much like work. I added the uChord, and also some re-skinned 2, 4 and 8 stereo channel mixers. The mixers are @biminiroad's design, I just re-arranged the UI. I've been using these in the context menu along with the main uModule collection which is why I added them.
  • Added switchable gate sequencers
    STS uModules